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[W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß Empty [W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß

Post by Nizer on Sun Oct 06, 2013 1:48 pm

The match was played yesterday at 9 p.m. (usual time). The war was totally messed up by disconnections and eventually both teams having to play with 3 players in GP3. We have GP1 and GP3 scores, after which cß is up 18 points. cß didn't take pictures in GP2 and Koopz, who took the pictures of GP2 for us, had to quit the war for unknown reasons and hasn't shown up on skype since then. I agreed with Blair to wait until he's online again and add the GP2 scores to the table.

I will update this as soon as we have all the scores we need.

[W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß 2qaqtd1

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[W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß Empty Re: [W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß

Post by Ko0pZ on Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:33 pm

I'm sorry for replying just now, I'm currently facing several issues with my PC and my internet connection and thus only have limited access for a while until I manage to fix everything up again.

@WEC, I'm really sorry for letting you guys down and quitting the war while not coming back online. The reason for it is quite dumb and unlucky and it happened unexpectedly. Now to top it all, right after that crap happened, some of our electronical devices here are failing hard for unknown reasons. I will try to explain you everything in more detail once I manage to fix everything again. Right now my PC keeps crashing after a few minutes and sometimes instantly when running programs which suck up a good amount of RAM like Skype or certain browsers. Other devices like my modem and some other ones, which are also connected to a socket, are also failing a lot... I'm trying to find the reason for it and will probably try to reconnect every single cable soon, maybe it helps... I really feel ashamed of myself for letting you down and not telling you anything, I just can't figure out what exactly is screwing up most of my electronical devices (some of my neighbours are also facing the same issue...)... Please stay strong and try your best to get active, I can't really tell when I'm gonna be done fixing everything here.

Now about the GP2 scores:
Yeah, I took a picture, but I already tried several times to copy it to my PC, but it always crashes when doing so, lol. I even have to write this text in Word and c/p it into my browser because my PC crashes after a few minutes when using it and I have to start typing everything new again.

Here are the overall scores of the second GP, I will provide picture proof once everything works fine again:

WEC Nizer - 21
cB Blair - 19
WEC Thommy - 19
WEC Koopz - 18
cB Setu - 15
WEC Zwiebel - 14
cB Vexus - 18 (dc)
cB Tommy - 10 (dc)
WEC 72 - 62 cB for the second GP

According to Nizer, it should be +8 overall for cB then.
I really have the feeling though, that DE vs USA wars just don't work well because it always ends up in a lagfest for both teams and/or people getting dc'd constantly like in the past two matches against A and HD (though vs. A luckily nobody got dc'd). Facing player shortages is really annoying because of how less points a team can score out of a GP.
I hope it works better next time, but I highly doubt it...

Whatever, congratz cB to your win, you guys played really well and deserved it. We are failing too much in wars and in races, we really need to get more active again though I'm not expecting it to happen before and after the release of MK8. .___.
And WEC, I'm really sorry again for everything, please don't give up on yourselves, I'm trying my best to fix all of the electronical shit here and come back asap.

GGs again cB, and good luck for your upcoming matches!

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[W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß Empty Re: [W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß

Post by Crazykonga on Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:43 pm

What happened WEC ? Surprised

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[W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß Empty Re: [W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß

Post by Nizer on Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:22 pm

[W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß 2qaqtd1

Alright. I think the scores should be right. Everything was so messed up, I'm not sure who DCed when and where. I can try to check that if required.

As this war was never really a 4v4 after GP1, I guess it would be fair for everyone to just not count the individual scores of this war at all. I contacted Cara already. If he decides to count everything normally, it's fine too.

Anyway. GGs, cß! Despite all the confusion you certainly played well and deserved the win. I think WEC at least deserves the extra point too, though. Good job at my team, we tried to make the best of it Smile

@ Crazykonga:

Basically, cß didn't have a 4th player for GP3 and agreed to play 3v4. After race 1 of GP3 there was a mass DC though, and the only 2 people left in the room didn't have pics. We agreed to restart the whole GP, but suddenly Koopz vanished and it turned out to be a 3v3. Still doable, but Zwiebel DCed race 1 of that GP and Thommy and I had to fight 2v3 for a whole GP. I don't know if anyone has ever played that, but 2v3 is the worst thing ever, really (much worse than 3v4). I could frontrun rDKP, but in the remaining 3 races cß got an early triple reds and just kept the two of us in bottom 2 all race ^^

@ Koopz:

Don't worry, then. It's not your fault if your internet decides to troll you xP.

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[W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß Empty Re: [W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß

Post by Vexus on Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:42 am

Good games WEC Smile I had to leave halfway through gp2 sorry about that :/


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[W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß Empty Re: [W4] WEC 191 - 199 cß

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