[Please Read] Quick Note About Player Registration / Team Transfers

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[Please Read] Quick Note About Player Registration / Team Transfers Empty [Please Read] Quick Note About Player Registration / Team Transfers

Post by Rookie on Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:14 pm

I thought I needed to address this, so here it is. At the end of last season, I went through the registration sections and noticed a relatively large amount of players who were registered for more than one team. In the off season, we have organized our registration threads and put together all the missing pieces, etc. Just a note is that for this season onward, we expect the registration forums to be used correctly. Anybody who signs up for a 2nd team and somehow gets through with it will get a season ban, so please be conscious when signing up or transferring teams. We will deny any players who use the New Player Registration forum when they are already registered for another team (this includes former teams whose registrations are currently located in the Registration Storage section). This includes people in the Free Agents section. The section is called New Player Registrations for a reason, so if you want to change teams, please use the Transfer Request section, as this will not only prevent people from getting registered for multiple teams (which can result in a season ban if enforced), but it will also make our job easier. To any people who were previously registered for multiple teams, you are registered for only one now which is most likely the team you last played for, so everybody now has a fresh start. Thank you for reading.


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