Week 3 - Summary

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Week 3 - Summary Empty Week 3 - Summary

Post by Rookie on Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:15 pm

Rescheduled Week 2 Summaries

Spain Ragna Rock 247
USA Charged Brigade 2 216

Ragna Rock comes up with a big win vs cB2 with a winning margin in every GP and a large one in GP2. Hugo scored 76 and RR walked away with their first win of the season.

Week 3 Summaries

France Champi Brothers 236
France Mushroom Road 216

Champi Brothers get their second win and get a solid start this season. Aspyk from MR scored 75, but it wasn't enough to get them the win. MR starts the season with a shaky 0-3 start, and they're looking for their first win next week vs another 0-3 team, HD2.

Germany Wii Elite Clan 280
Italy High Definition 2 173

Wii Elite Clan gets possibly the largest win in division history to start off with a perfect 3-0 record. The team's MVP was Nizer with 83, and their lowest score was a still impressive 64. Though they had a rough week, HD2 faces another team in their situation next week. WEC faces off against HD, another team that has started off 3-0.

USA High Definition 242
France Killer Apps 226

The results and individual scores were lost, but the final score came to agreement. MVP of the war was HD Bow with 120, and LVP was ItoI6 with 12. With this win, HD will war the also undefeated WEC in possibly the biggest match of the season thus far next week.

Europe Dynamite 237
Spain Galactic Riders 221

Dynamite slides by Galactic Riders to get off to a 3-0 start when taking into account that they got a free win against HB. Next week they face Charged Brigade in what will surely be an interesting result. This time Dynamite is on top, so it seems we won't see some potential "war dodging" as in past seasons.

USA Airstrikers 247
USA Charged Brigade 221

Airstrikers land a big win this week to put them into first place early into the season. Wolf MVP'd the war with 81, and even with a loss under their belt, cB is looking like an impressive 2-1 team right now.

USA Charged Brigade 2 272
Spain Water Army 184

Charged Brigade's second squad not only shows up this week, but they also put on a performance. Water Army had a d/c each GP, and it seems that cB took full advantage. Stevens MVP'd with 83.

France World Friend 229
Spain Rainbow of Karts 221

Wars like these always make divisions more interesting. World Friend prevents any 3-0 in the division, making this division as close as ever, and as a result, 4 teams have a 2-1 record in Division C. wf won each GP my minimal margins, and RK managed to grab the bonus point to stay in first. RK Link MVP'd with 82.


W2 DY 35 - 0 HB
W3 RR 35 - 0 Ax

Thanks for reading! Smile


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Week 3 - Summary Empty Re: Week 3 - Summary

Post by Hkn on Fri Dec 27, 2013 8:40 am

Nice! Thanks for this job, Rookie.

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