[W9/10] RK 0 - 35 Clan

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[W9/10] RK 0 - 35 Clan Empty [W9/10] RK 0 - 35 Clan

Post by LsR on Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:15 pm

Rainbow of Karts dropped out of the division informally and so they forfeit all matches from Week 8 onwards. Thank you RK for your contribution to the season none-the-less

RR 35 - 0 RK
cB2 35 - 0 RK

[21:09:20] Alex [LsR]: Sliver, will RK be playing any more season matches?
[21:09:58] [RK]SLiver: Nop Sad
[21:10:13] Alex [LsR]: So you give free-wins to other matches?
[21:10:22] [RK]SLiver: Yes yes
[21:10:33] [RK]SLiver: To cB2 and RR I think, right?


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