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Post by Rookie on Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:35 pm

This section is going to replace registry all together. With how much different the community is right now, it'd be a mess trying to sort all the transfers and stuff, so I'll just keep it hidden and locked away, and we'll start fresh for this. Essentially if you want to join the league, you make a thread in this forum. All actions will be done here - this includes all new teams, new player registrations, all transfer requests, and all FC updates. I'll explain it all below. In regards to alting, it's really difficult to track for this game, so as a small community for a game that's been looked at as deceased, I hope that we can just trust each other to play honestly. Still if you get caught, there will be penalties.

New Team Registries

This applies to ALL teams before Season 10, even if your team was playing in the league before. You must make a thread in this section, and on that first post, you must include a list of your players (most common alias), along with their account names (for this website), and all of their Friend Codes. Also please write your contact info on skype at the very top. This means that all players in the league must have an account here to participate. That is it however!

New Player Registrations

This is for after the season starts. What you need to do is simply go to the clan thread of the team you want to register for, and make a post with a request to be added to the roster, and post your FC and common alias. Note that you can only do this if you aren't registered to any team currently. If you are registered with another clan currently, you'll have to transfer.

Transfer Requests

To transfer teams, you will need to make a request on the thread of the team that you want to be transferred to. In your post, you simply say that you want to be transferred from ________ (Team you were on before the transfer). We won't be able to transfer you if you don't include what team you're currently registered with.

Friend Code Updates

This one is pretty simple. Just post your new FC on the thread you're registered in, and a reason why.

- All registry requests must be made by Friday 11:59PM EST to be eligible in the weekend's match.
- You must make a team thread before you can have new people register to your team; it's the first step.
- Any non registration related posts made in this section will be deleted and you will be banned from playing PL matches for a week. As an open section we can't have people posting random crap that makes registration work take longer than it should, simply put. So please don't, there are many other ways of communicating Very Happy


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